AURORA Gardens of Mirrors


In AURORA gardens of mirrors, AURORA is integrated as an aesthetic element in nature - the nature and environment that AURORA aims to protect. The  gardens of mirrors unite the need for  production of green energy and human needs for inspirational and life-giving outdoor spaces - and depending on the season and time of day, the reflection of the sky in AURORA's mirrors will differ and leave visitors with different impressions.

The philosophy of AURORA  gardens of mirrors is learning - focusing on how green technology and the disciplines behind can pave the way for sustainability in the climate,  environment and nature.

Questions and answers are communicated to visitors via "story trees" developed by ScandiMir's development team and leading Danish climate experts. AURORA  gardens of mirrors can be built in both flat and hilly terrain, in urban areas and wild nature, and will always be adapted to local conditions in terms of flora, soil, acreage and the desire for the visual expression.