Our Values


For us it is a natural part of our everyday lives that cooperation - both internally in ScandiMir and in relation to our partners - are based on credibility, accountability, excellence and satisfaction.


These are values that are deeply rooted in our way of working, which obviously set high standards for ourselves - but also for our partners. Our values are our foundation and an indispensable premiss for us to succeed in carrying out our mission and achieve our vision. Implementation of our values is for us a goal in itself.


Our actions always follow our words. We respect our agreements - internally and externally - as we strive for high quality in all aspects



Job satisfaction creates natural commitment, initiative, creativity, well-being and high standards and ensures that ScandiMir always delivers its best 


As innovation company it is our goal to deliver customized solutions of highest quality and to agreed schedules


For both management and employees responsibility is a natural part of everyday life. Our management principle is empowerment