Our History


A strong inherent desire to create and innovate -     as well as decades of experience and innovation in renewable energy solutions -  formed the basis for plastic and mechanical engineer / CEO Carsten Boye Bisonnel to establish ScandiMir  ApS in 2014 with four other partners. The company was a  natural continuation of the concern founded and headed by  Carsten Boye Bisonnel  in the years 1979 to 2009 – with wind energy as  core business.

The idea of developing a more efficient CSP-based solar system emerged already in the years when Carsten Boye Bisonnel was frontrunner within the wind energy sector. And when the first calculations and sketches of the first prototype took shape the foundation for another innovation project was born. It was not a coincidence that the choice fell on solar energy. The desire to contribute to the dissemination of renewable energy with the absolute purest energy source was crucial - and when Carsten Boye Bisonnel developed a new way to optimize the use of solar radiation, the way from idea   to action was  short –  ScandiMir  ApS was founded.

Stifter/ adm. dir. Carsten Boye Bisonnel


And then it all happened very fast. In the summer of 2014 ScandiMir  initiated a collaboration with the two innovative heating plants and municipalities, Solrød and Ringkjøbing Skjern, to install and test the new solar system. After a succesfull test during 2017 Aurora is now ready for full-scale park installation.