About Us



What if? This is one of the question most frequently asked in ScandiMir. The question reflects the spirit of innovation that led to the development of a highly efficient and competitive solar system (CSP), which paved the way for Managing Director Carsten Boye Bisonnel and  four partners to establish the engineering company ScandiMir  ApS.

The team behind ScandiMir ApS consists of a management group, a partner group and a board of directors - all members with many years of experience in the private and public sector - and with strong competences within innovation and development, management, business operations and production.


Adm. dir. Carsten Boye Bisonnel


Our daily work is deeply rooted in a great sense of innovation, job satisfaction and high ambitions - and for us it is natural to take the lead when a new path needs to be found - also when the road is not always straight. We believe in open dialogue and close cooperation as means to become wiser, inspired and able to come up with the best ideas and solutions. We therefore cooperate with a wide range of strong  partners from home and abroad to ensure that we are constantly challenged by leading specialists. We place high demands on ourselves and our partners to ensure that we can live up to our ambition to be a frontrunner in  innovation, quality, service and competitiveness.